Больше 20 лет мы проектируем и производим конвейерное оборудование. Гарантия 2 года и срок производства от 5 дней.
We have been designing and manufacturing conveyor equipment for more than 20 years. The warranty is 2 years and the production period is from 5 days.
Belt Conveyors
Straight, curved, inclined, interstory, grooved, mesh, telescopic, mobile, for various loads and operations
Roller Conveyors
Roller straight, curved, sliding, driven and gravity, folding sections, for piece loads and pallets
Assembly Lines
Linear and non-linear assembly lines, for any equipment, design of professional workplaces
Lines for piece loads, descent from the mezzanine, order assembly, shipment, digitisation, production lines
Sorting Conveyors
High and medium capacity sorting lines for packages, boxes, bags, packages, pallets
Conveyor Lines for Pallets
Lines for pallets and large loads for moving, packing, shipping, storage, positioning, digitization
Smart Warehouse
Warehouse automation, determination of weight, size and barcode - DWS, registration of goods in WMS, identification by bar code, integration with WMS
Vertical Conveyors
Spiral conveyors, lifts, S-shaped, for piece loads and pallets, high-performance
Conveyors for Agriculture
High-performance conveyors for grain handling, conveyors for loading grain into cars
Conveyor Lines for Airports
For terminals — container entry, moving containers and luggage, baggage carousel, platforms for moving
Chain and Plate Conveyors
Chain, with several branches, for pallets and piece loads, diverting sorting modules, lamellar for heavy loads
These are not just lifts - with the help of various attachments, they can be used to improve your processes.
Modular Belt Conveyors
Modular straight, rotary, inclined, for the food industry and production operations, drawer
Rail Trolleys
Drive trolleys, transfer trolleys, inter-shop trolleys, battery trolleys, cable trolleys, cable trolleys, cable trolleys, generator trolleys and cable trolleys
Rollers and Accessories
Drive and non-drive rollers, bearing inserts, drive sprockets for rollers, accessories for rollers