Why do you need the support?

In order for the installed conveyor equipment to operate without failure, it requires periodic maintenance - regardless of what warranty period it has.
Organizing scheduled maintenance in accordance with the instructions of the developer is a reasonable solution that pays off by calculating the costs of maintenance and possible repairs, increases the uptime of the system, and minimizes the likelihood of equipment breakdown and downtime.
We provide services for support and maintenance of conveyor equipment installed by our company, as well as equipment from other manufacturers.
Our technicians will check each piece of equipment and solve minor problems in advance before they escalate into costly unplanned expenses. Our engineers are experts in the field of conveyor equipment. A thorough system check will highlight areas of your system that may be worn, weakened, or faulty. Such checks are an excellent tool for keeping your system operational.
Our company offers the conclusion of service contracts and the provision of services on a one-time, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis.


List of service and maintenance works

Inspection and repair of equipment:
Drives, gears, chains, bearings, etc
. Tapes — checking of movement, locks and pins.
Motors, drums — vibration analysis.
Gearboxes — replacement of lubrication, checking leaks, noise and cleanliness of the breather.
Cleaning of moving parts.
Adjustment and tightening of the necessary parts.
Inspection and repair of electrical equipment:
Checking electrical connections; troubleshooting and repair if necessary.
Checking the functioning of controls and software.
Monitoring of the operational characteristics of the system:
Interview operators regarding any known issues.
Safety inspection (ensuring protection).
Performance — Rev/speed check.
Functionality of components.
After each inspection, we submit a written maintenance report containing recommendations.