• Boiler Assembly Line
  • Boiler Assembly Line
  • Boiler Assembly Line
  • Boiler Assembly Line
  • Boiler Assembly Line
up to 30

Load capacity
± up to 150 kg/m

± 24 months


  • Rubberized rollers
  • Development of workstations
  • Technical support 24 hours

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In modern production, the precise consistent operation of all sections is of great importance. The installation of assembly lines allows you to optimize the time of operations, ensure the accumulation of semi-finished products in front of workplaces, and increase the productivity of operations.
The boiler assembly line allows you to move the pallets for assembly along a linear route. After the assembly is completed, the product is checked, if defects are found, the pallet returns to the assembly line when the button is pressed.
Pallets for assembly with the ability to rotate around its axis and lock in the desired position.
We design and manufacture workplaces where everything is at hand to increase productivity.
We offer turnkey equipment installation, design a customizable control system, and provide integration and data exchange between our equipment and your control system.